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Don’t despise the day of small beginnings

The more “mom” blogs I read, the more I notice a recurring theme: unworthiness.

It’s not all the time, and it comes in many forms, but when it comes down to it, most moms just feel like we aren’t doing enough. Or at least like we could be doing more.

The good things about these “unworthy mom” blogs is that they are all very encouraging in nature. We are all in this struggle together, and the more I read about other women battling piles of laundry and dishes and crying babies and pee on the floor and a kid who doesn’t do what other kids do, etc., the more I feel like my life is normal and perfectly ok because my kids are well loved and I’m not in this alone.

I do feel, however, that just like browsing Pinterest, simply reading these blogs are only half the battle. Now that I have some encouragement to get me off the floor, I need to start somewhere, doing something, lest I start the cycle over again. I’m reminded of the sanctification aspect of our salvation. God made me alive, and I can rest in Him. Justification. But faith without works is dead. And even though I have confidence in my salvation, doing nothing to work towards being more holy (as He is holy) leaves me feeling like a corpse. Or at least unconscious. I’m all about a good nap, but once you are feeling refreshed, get to work!

I’m hoping to encourage my (4) readers over the next few blogs, by giving a little glimpse into my “small beginnings” that have been taking place over the last year. Or 2. I can’t remember. I will be linking to some encouraging blog reads that have lifted me up, as well as little changes in my family’s life that, though small, have made a big impact on my mental state and sense of accomplishment as a mother and wife and woman of God.

Don’t despise the day of small beginnings. This was a quote from a sermon my pastor preached a while back. It was about getting involved in the life of the church, even if all you’re doing is holding the door for people as they walk in. Nobody looks down on you because you’re not on stage preaching, or you don’t have an organic garden, or your 2-year-old can’t quote Shakespeare. But you will start to look down on yourself if you think that’s where you need to start! Have big dreams but realistic goals. You want to speak truth to a crowd? Go out for coffee with a neighbor and just listen. You want to grow a garden? Plant some herbs in a window sill garden. Think your kid should be smarter? Spend some time reading and singing with them.