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I was honestly very turned off to the idea of blogging, because, who am I? There are millions of other voices out there, lives being lived, people doing amazing things, and documenting them.

Won’t I just be white noise?

I also don’t think I’m very creative. I’m more of a “tweaker”. I take other people’s ideas and “tweak” them to make them my own based on my needs and resources and preferences. And there are tons of ideas out there, but if we’re honest, there is very rarely a “one size fits all”. Just read the comments below any DIY projects and recipes and you’ll see what I mean.

I also realized, that the more I look for ideas online, I love finding everyone’s variations. So maybe “white noise” is what’s so great about the online community. And the world.

I can’t discount my voice without discounting everyone else’s.

So, about this post. I probably should have entitled this one “Small Beginnings; a continuance” or something along those lines. One of my small changes has been to start a blog. It’s much more intimidating than pinning stuff on Pinterest (although I’m relatively new to the pinning world, which still intimidates me). But it motivates me. This blog serves as a great reminder of things I’ve accomplished and special times I’ve been able to share with others. I feel guilty when I haven’t written anything for 6 months, but I don’t stay there because life is a process. It’s full of mountains and valleys. And honestly I don’t like reading blogs that always start out apologizing for not having written anything for months. Well, this is my first time reading your blog, so I wouldn’t have known except you told me. The internet doesn’t control my life, it can enhance it, but it does not take away from it. I can’t let it!

Blogging has also motivated me to learn new things to share with others. And to let my husband know what I’m home doing all day.



Which right now involves a lot of time

[coloring, pretending, playing, tea partying, snacking, learning, singing, dancing, drawing, creating, running, laughing, loving]

with these little girlies.

So, sorry if I don’t write anything for another couple months.