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I do not have a green thumb. But I love to plant things and watch them grow! My girls have inherited this love as well (but let’s be honest, what kid hasn’t inherited a love of digging in the dirt?) and so one of my “small beginnings” has come in the form of “gardening”.

I use that term loosely.

My litmus test of what will be good plants for my yard/garden is whatever is still alive after I’ve forgotten to water it for a week. We’ll get more of that plant.

My mother-in-law sent our 3 year old a little seed growing kit for Christmas, and we had so much fun with it.


egg carton flower garden

egg carton flower garden

It came with 6 different types of seeds. They all grew. Only one got transplanted into a bigger container and eventually made it into our yard landscaping.


And the winner is: nasturtiums!

watering can

My goal one day is to grow some vegetables, but we’ll stick with the small stuff right now. I’m forming habits and getting my girls outside everyday, and hopefully instilling a love of tending and caring for God’s earth. I get to explain the different types of plants we have in our yard, and they love to help with watering and transplanting and digging and then watching lizards and eventually swinging while I pull weeds.

Baby steps.