{on cooking}

I’m pretty proud of myself!  We had 2 home-cooked meals this week (one my husband made) and my (almost) 2 year old ate half a “Greek” salad for dinner!  (I put Greek in quotes because it’s my version of a Greek salad…no beets or olives, extra feta and cucumbers…)

{on de-cluttering}

My husband has been steadily working on cleaning our garage out and everything we’ve put by the curb has been taken within a few days (you know what they say about a person’s trash…seems to be very true in our neighborhood)!

I’m still having to take my resolutions day-by-day.  It’s been fun though because these simple changes I’m making allow for more freedom and inspiration in other areas of life.  For example: one goal was to de-clutter.  To reach that goal, we’ve been making it a point to keep our dining room table cleaned off.  This in turn helps with my other goal of preparing 2 home-cooked meals a week because we are able to eat these at said table like a family.  We get to sit together at said table and eat dinner like a family!

{on sewing}

On a seemingly different note, and possibly another (future) blog post, we haven’t used our coffee maker in 3 days.


No, we haven’t given up our sweet, aromatic, with subtle chocolate and nut undertones drug-of-choice.  We are brewing our java using a pour-over brewer.  Best. Coffee. Ever.

This brings me to my “learn how to use my sewing machine” goal.  I am going to make my own reusable cloth coffee filters.  The one I’ve seen to purchase run about $10-12 each.  While that is still cheaper than paper filters, I think I can make them for even cheaper.  Plus, I’ll get to try different kinds of fabric and see which works best for the best brewing experience possible.  I think I just came out of the closet as an official “coffee nerd” with that last statement.

To end this, I just wanted to post a few links to some sites that are really inspiring my imagination!

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I basically want to paint everything strie.

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