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It is time.

baby bunny

He has to go.

Brian, you were a wonderful first pet for this married couple.

It is only fair to you that we find a good home with loving people who actually have time  to sit with you on their lap and scratch the top of your head and brush your fur.


I will never forget the time you dug a burrow in our back yard.  And Jason thought you were on the porch.  And filled in your burrow.  With you still in it.  You truly are an “Easter” bunny (back from the grave…)

dirty bunny

Or the time you wedged yourself under the fence and we chased you around the empty lot behind our house for 20 minutes.

chillin' bunny

Or the time you chewed through all the wires on our porch and that’s why we can’t have cable.

Or the time you chewed through the screen door and we found you huddled by the planter in the front yard (where you probably spent a harrowing night).

cute bunny

Or the time you ate our fake ficas tree.  Leaf by leaf.  Over the course of several months.

fake ficas tree

Or watching you push a ball around the porch with your nose.

bunny and baby

Or the time you ate half my Bible because I left it on the table on the porch.

Or the fact that you eat any paper/mail that finds its way onto the porch…

Or learning that bunnies like bananas (so cute!) and (thanks to my toddler) multi-grain Cheerios.

b + w bunny

Who wants him?



We found a home for Brian! He has already gone to live with our good friend who will love him, and squeeze him, and hug him, and……..