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A friend of mine recently posted on Facebook about his wife wanting to decorate the house for Fall.  He told her it was too early.  Her compromise?  “Then I’ll just decorate for ‘late Summer'”.

I AM THERE!  I am so ready for cooler weather, warmer colors and spicy-sweet scents filling my house.  In preparation, you might notice a recurring, Autumnal theme to my blog posts…

Here are some of my favorite things I look forward to about Fall:

{pumpkins} – I would decorate with pumpkins year-round if I could!  My husband and I got married in October and we had our first pumpkin sitting outside our front door until February.

{pumpkin patches}

pumpkin patch

{apple sauce} – As soon as the weather cools off a bit, I break out the crock pot!  One of my favorite things to make is homemade apple sauce.  I’ll definitely be posting my recipe in a later blog.  There’s just something about coming home to a house that smells like apples and cinnamon…smells good enough to eat!


{being outside}

{cinnamon brooms}

{my sister’s birthday} – every year I make her a spider web cake!

Jacqi's birthday

{costume parties} – I love dressing up with a bunch of friends!  We always throw a themed costume party.  Our past 2 themes have been: “Party 9 from Outer Space” and “Around the World”.  The year before that my husband and I dressed up like jazzercisers. (He looks good as a blonde, no?)

Costume Party


{candy corn} – I like the candy corn pumpkins the best!

{bon fires}


{my anniversary}

October wedding

{pumpkin spice coffee creamer} – I have a recipe for this I’ll be sharing!

Pumpkin Spice Coffee Creamer


{Fall decor} – I love me some owls…and acorns, and leaves, and anything orange!

What are some of your favorite things about Autumn?