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What a day!  It’s only 1:30 and I’ve changed/fed/dressed/amused (and have been amused by) and sent off with Nai-Nai (grandma) a very happy little girl, scrubbed door-length wooden blinds (which is tiring even when you’re not pregnant!), washed curtains (along with 3 other loads of laundry), dusted, did dishes, put dishes away, sorted through hand-me-down clothes (the best kind), had lunch, did my devotion (Spurgeon’s “Morning and Evening-highly recommend this), picked up toys, organized diapers, finished wrapping presents for my niece (she’s 2 today!) and got a shower.

I’m trying to be proud of myself and not think about everything else that needs to get done–or the fact that even though I’ve done all this, my house still looks like the aftermath of a hurricane-does anyone else experience this phenomenon??.  Plus if I do much more, I’ll probably be spent for the next few days (36 weeks pregnant!).  So, time to find some things to do that involve putting my feet up!
I’m thinking Mocha Chai Tea Smoothie…interested in my recipe?