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I don’t mind using chemicals to clean my house-I love it when my house smells great and sometimes, using chemicals is nice because then I know my house is clean.  But being pregnant, I really don’t like breathing in the fumes knowing it’s not just my body anymore I need to be concerned about.  So when I started cleaning with baking soda-and it actually worked-I couldn’t have been more thrilled (well, as thrilled as you can get about cleaning).
Let me tell you; baking soda, warm water and a scrub brush, and my tub has never looked whiter.

{what I did}
After I took a shower, I sprinkled baking soda into the still-wet tub (that way it would stick a little).  After about 15 minutes, I scrubbed the baking soda with a scrub brush, periodically dipping/rinsing it in a cup of warm water.  After about 5 minutes of scrubbing, I had to stop because of my back (7 months pregnant, remember?).  After this, the baking soda sat in the tub for probably a few hours (I wonder if that wasn’t the trick?) before I had time to scrub it again.  You don’t have to scrub hard, just thoroughly.
I rinsed it out with warm water and voila! Clean, white tub!
*side note-our tub is cheap and old but this also works on our white, newer ceramic sink.

I have also used a water/baking soda paste to clean burned on water off my glass stovetop.  Let the paste sit for a few minutes then scrub it with a dish sponge (nothing that will scratch it).

What other uses have you found for baking soda?