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I am almost 35 weeks pregnant now (with my second).  I thought I’d let you know what I’ve done so far to prepare and what I still need to do.  This list is as much for me as it is for you.

{what I’ve registered for baby #2}

  • portable swing (I didn’t have a swing with baby #1.  We used a bouncy chair.  My thoughts on getting a swing were, “I don’t want to/won’t have time to sit and bounce baby #2 in the chair with my foot while I’m playing/spending time with baby #1.”  Plus, it will be nice to have baby #2 at a higher level so he/she can see what’s going on.  And I’m opting for portable because they are smaller.)
  • mattress for Pack ‘n Play (We are not getting another crib, and Jovie, at 18 months, is still not ready for a toddler bed.  Plus, baby #2 will be in our room for a while, first in a cradle, then in the Pack ‘n Play.  And if baby #2 is not sleeping through the night, baby #2 will disrupt mommy and daddy’s sleep…not Jovie’s.)
  • diapers in size nb and size 1
  • wipes for sensitive skin
  • changing table pad (Jovie destroyed hers.  It was old, anyway.)
  • white onesies (can’t have enough of those)
  • baby tub (We had a “sling” type tub for Jovie…worst. baby. items. ever.  It was so taut and awkward to use.)
  • A + D diaper ointment
  • disposable nursing pads and nipple cream (that stuff gets expensive!)
  • gas drops
  • cloth diapers (used for burp cloths…most absorbent things ever)

{what I’ve done}  I just made up a “schedule” of my 18-month old’s day-to-day happenings.  Schedule in quotes because I am not a schedule girl.  They terrify me.  To the point of paralysis.  HOWEVER, I am finding that this is a fear I not only need to overcome, but dominate.  Especially starting over with a newborn in a few weeks.

Either my sister-in-law or my mom (or both) are going to watch Jovie while my husband and I are otherwise preoccupied.  Both of them know her general likes and dislikes, what foods she’ll eat, tired/nap time indicators, etc.  So I am not too worried about those little details.  My “schedule” just includes the roundabout times of our day that we manage to get to breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Oh, and bedtime.

{yet to do for baby #1}  My next preparation is to make put an overnight bag together for Jovie.  Here’s a general idea:

  • pajamas
  • diapers/wipes
  • toothbrush
  • 2 pairs extra clothes
  • almond milk (shelf stable, we don’t drink cow’s milk)
  • schedule
  • empty sippy cup

{yet to do for baby #2}  This will be in conjunction with my own “to-go” bag.

  • coming home outfit (one for boy, one for girl)
  • nail clippers (those little nails can be jagged when they come out!)
  • some diapers/wipes (I know the hospital provides some, but just in case)
  • blanket (lightweight-I’m due in September, but probably looking at an August birthday)

{yet to do for mama}  Things to pack in my own bag (may include items for daddy, too).

  • toiletries (shampoo, body wash, face wash, deodorant, toothbrush, toothpaste, razor, lotion, Chapstick)
  • 2 changes of clothes (like sweatpants and maternity jeans to go home in)
  • fitted cami with built-in bra
  • disposable nursing pads
  • my own underwear (cotton) and maxi pads (again, the hospital provides some, but it’s nice to have your own)
  • robe
  • pillow
  • camera
  • snacks (granola bars, cookies, gatorade…stuff I wouldn’t normally indulge in)
  • phone charger

{yet to do at home}  I don’t even know where to begin here.  I feel like I spend every day cleaning up messes from just that day and I don’t get to anything extra (except maybe a half hour nap).  But here’s a go…

  • clean our bedroom to make room for cradle
  • make room in our bedroom for some of new baby’s things (so I don’t have to go into nursery and wake Jovie up in the middle of the night)
  • wash car seat cover (it’s been in the garage for about 8 months)
  • wash bouncy seat cover (see car seat cover)
  • get out breast pump and make sure I still have all the parts

{yet to do}

  • call pediatrician to see if they work at the hospital I’m delivering
  • also ask if pediatrician will circumcise same day (if it’s a boy)  and if not, find one who will

I’m sure there is a whole host of other things I could add to these lists, but my husband and I are really trying to simplify our lifestyle (even more than it already is).  New babies are not supposed to be stressful in that you have to have everything for them, they are stressful enough in their own right!  I am quite done being pregnant, but not quite ready for baby #2…although I am feeling more prepared for this one than I was with my first.  In that, I will find my joy.