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It’s definitely not the easiest thing to be home with a toddler all morning (let alone all day).  Often I’m reminded of the quote,

how you spend your days is how you spend your life

There is a lot of truth there–and it’s a little depressing, to be completely honest!  Is this really my life? Cheerios and Elmo? Dishes and laundry? Diapers and no showers?! Well, for a season, it is.  But I think it needs a little perspective.

I am beyond blessed to have a baby who started sleeping through the night at 6 weeks old.  Even now (at 17 months) she sleeps anywhere from 9 to 11 hours .
Our days usually start around 8:30 am (be jealous).  Jovie doesn’t cry in the morning any more; we wake up and hear her in her crib playing and talking with her stuffed animals.  We “make it bright” by opening the curtain and she’ll look out the window and say good morning.
After a diaper change we come downstairs and Jovie helps me grind coffee  and turn the coffee maker on.  She loves pushing buttons.  Then she’ll either get a cup of almond milk or juice with water while I pour cereal for us.  She’s getting pretty good at using a spoon, something she wanted to do after watching us (although half the time she just holds the spoon in one hand and shovels cheerios in her mouth with the other).
We don’t have TV service, so I get Sesame Street dvds when I find them for $5 or less.  I’ll usually put one on while she’s having breakfast.  I think this will help when baby #2 is here.  This also gives my husband and me some time to have our coffee and do our morning devotionals.
After cereal, she gets a bowl of fruit, usually grapes or strawberries.
Then comes play time! Jovie would spend all day outside if she could, but between the heat and me being 7 months pregnant…yeah, not happening.  So we do puzzles and sort through toys, putting them in one container and transferring them to another.   Jovie likes to go through the tupperware in the kitchen, and then she pulls all her books off the shelf.  We color sometimes, but that usually results in crayons everywhere (including her mouth) so we limit that activity.
One of her favorite things to do is look at pictures, so part of our morning will be spent naming family members that grace our fridge or watching slideshows on the computer (with daddy).
I really can’t wait until the weather cools down a bit- we will be outside all morning then (if for no other reason than it makes for a wonderful nap time)!

You see, my life isn’t “wasted” (or even wanting) because I’m not doing what I want, or what society deems “productive”.  I’m raising a human being; shaping a mind and soul that will one day (soon, I hope) make rational and relational decisions.  I am doing the most important job in the world!
And even though right now I’m watching her pull all the tissues out of the box and wipe down her puzzle (she’s so helpful)…and put the shredded tissues back (sigh); I know I will look back on these days and be thankful I had the grace and patience (most of the time) to invest wholeheartedly in this little life that has been entrusted to me for this time.